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As we go through the seasons and cycles of life, our bodies and attitudes change. The best way to ride those waves of inevitable change is to acknowledge and accept the uniqueness and value of each experience. The practice of Yoga puts us in intimate relationship with each moment of our existence, with each cell of our bodies, and although not always easy on many levels, the value of this exchange is indisputable.

I have been teaching since 2004. By guiding my students through the physical form and focusing on the breath, I invite them to make their own inner explorations and discover the qualities of joy and gratitude that lie within themselves. Students appreciate my calm and positive manner, my precise and detailed instructions, and the mix of power and restoration that they take away from my classes.  

I encourage you to feel and listen with your whole body. I believe you that you are your own best teacher. As your Yoga guide, I am there to facilitate that inner dialogue.

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