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Pleased to meet you!

Since my first encounter with yoga in 1995, I have delved into many different styles of Hatha Yoga, from Kundalini to Jivamukti, Ashtanga Vinyasa to Anusara, with many fusions thereof along the way. My explorations on the yogic path culminated in a 4-month journey to Mysore, South India, in 2004, where I practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Guruji Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath. I had the pleasure of visiting many sacred places, including the Sivananda Ashram at Neyyar Dam, the Ramana Maharshi Ashram at the foot of the holy Arunachala Mountain, and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. Ever since I have had the privilege of deepening my understanding and practice further with many gifted teachers from the West. I am grateful to all of these experiences and teachers who continue to inspire my practice and teaching to this day. I have completed over 500-hours Yoga Alliance accredited training and many further education courses.

My work in Perinatal Yoga has enriched my practice and teaching immensely. The intuitive techniques of Françoise Freedman's Birthlight method allow for a deeper awareness of the subtleties of the practice. By freeing up the rigid physical form of asana to tune into the body's rhythms and seasons, we develop a deep awareness and confidence in our own intuitive wisdom. We promote trust, faith and acceptance for what is, and make space for what is to come. We foster self-nurture and gentleness towards ourselves, which we can then spread to those around us. Tapping into this somatic experience allows the body to communicate in her own language. The more we listen to and trust our body's language, the greater our sense of security and harmony with ourselves and the world around us. And this, in my opinion, is what Yoga is all about.

Yoga is a life long journey for me. I embrace every opportunity to learn and further my practice, and this includes sharing what I know with others. Through my teaching, I encourage students to shift their attention inside themselves, to cultivate acceptance and to recognize that at the core of their being they can find peace, joy and harmony. By becoming aware of the changes that happen from moment to moment in the practice, I encourage students to live more fully in the present, and to accept that change is the nature of our existence, that nothing stays the same from one moment to the next. I hope this awareness will open the minds and hearts of my students and lead them to greater understanding and compassion towards themselves and all beings – both on and off the mat.


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